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Recent & Current Projects

The Dabneys of Early Virginia
Over 100 descendants were recently added to this website. The family tree is based on descendant research within the Dabney family, starting with the immigrant to the Americas, Cornelius Dabney.

The researcher and author performed his investigations over several decades, and has included thorough research notes.

I assisted with the technology side of things, testing GEDCOM exports and uploads to the website Warren had already established. Check out the Dabneys of early Virginia at

Minnesota Firefighters
I worked with the Minnesota Genealogical Society's Research Committee for about a dozen years now. Our biggest project this year has been assisting the Minnesota Fire Service Foundation in tracing descendants of Minnesota dire fighters who died while in service or as a result of injuries or illness caused by their role as a firefighters. Descendants who are located are invited to visit St. Paul, where a memorial has been installed at the Capital to honor the firefighters.

We are finding that many people who post family trees on are unresponsive to our requests for help, so we are seeking alternate methods to reach them.

I located descendants for two Minneapolis firefighters, who died in 1920 and 1947.

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